Tip 1 - Immersion in a Show


Let an autistic child discover their own show and crucially ENTER THE WORLD of the show.

Of course its fine and indeed great for them to watch the film but below are other important ways you can help them build an immediate relationship with the characters, plots, atmosphere, and wider themes of a music theatre show.

  • Get the score or lyrics and encourage them to already start doing their own “rehearsals.” Do role play, playing different characters to encourage this.
  • Download certain songs so that you can sing along as a duet. Hakuna Matata from "Lion King" and Consider Yourself from "Oliver!" are classic examples here. This is immediately allowing an autistic child to be a character in the show but crucially focus on relating to another character.
  • Discuss the wider themes. When they are ready, its important and healthy to explore wider moral and behavioural themes of the show. For example and continuing with “Oliver!” – the theme of being lost but then finding comfort (one of the many great things about Musical Theatre for this is that it will nearly always conclude with a happy ending!) Also “Joseph and the Technicoloured Dreamcoat” – the themes of bullying and injustice. Our Music Theatre courses at Pro Corda explore all of this through creative musicianship and there are further tips on how to explore this work with your child in tips 3,4 and 5.

Only one thing beats being in a live show, and we’ll come to that in tip 6! But before then, of course the best possible thing is to take your child to a show which is why we’ve included some practical information here in our tips.

For more information on these, to get advice on a tailor made Pro Corda programme most suitable for your child, and for information on how to book please contact the Pro Corda office:

T – 01728 831354
E – mail@procorda.com

Pro Corda’s CEO and Artistic Director, Andrew Quartermain, is a music and autism education specialist and is happy to talk with parents and families at any time to offer the best advice. You can contact him directly by email – andrew@procorda.com

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