Tip 3 - Express creative ideas through instrumental improvisation


This is where it gets really exciting! Tips 3 through to 6 are now about the child with autism themselves being part of the process both of preparing and then performing in a musical theatre show.

Here are some of the ways we approach this through Creative Musicianship at Pro Corda on our musical theatre “Create Together” courses:

  1. Take a melody or rhythm from a popular Musical Theatre song as a starting point
  2. Use characters/scenes to open discussions about emotions, then create a timbre/soundscape to reflect that
  3. Communication is at the heart of Pro Corda’s ethos and there is no better way to develop communication than through improvisation
  4. Improvisation is intuitive and a safe and comfortable way for autistic children to communicate non-verbally
  5. Shifting the responsibility of making sound away from the voice can give an autistic child confidence

T – 01728 831354
E – mail@procorda.com

Pro Corda’s CEO and Artistic Director, Andrew Quartermain, is a music and autism education specialist and is happy to talk with parents and families at any time to offer the best advice. You can contact him directly by email – andrew@procorda.com

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