Congratulations to the following ensembles who are invited to proceed to the semi final rounds.

Grammar School at Leeds U16 Haydn Piano Trio
Clayesmore St Louis Blues
Millfield Borodin Trio
Millfield Shostakovich
Third Harmony
Godolphin Schubert and Kabalevsky
Brighton College U14 Cello Trio Bach fusion
Brighton College U14 Piano Trio Kengel
Brighton College U19 Flute Quartet Trios Pieces Bozza
Brighton College U16 Guitar John Brunning Elegy
The Perse U16 Henderson-Gill Piano Trio
The Perse U19 Kuo String Quartet
The Perse U14 Harris String Quartet
The Perse U14 Hohnsbein String Quartet
U19 Uppingham School (Shostakovich)
U12 Highgate Chomley Quartet
U12 Highgate Lauderdale Trio
U16 Highgate Piano trio
U19 Highgate Piano trio
U19 Eltham College Purcell Piano Trio
U19 Eltham College Amati String Quartet
U19 Westminster String Quartet (Schubert)
U19 Westminster Piano Quintet (Schumann)
U16 Westminster String Quartet (Mozart)
U16 Westminster Piano trio (Mendelssohn)
U19 Nottingham High Senior Brass / Gabrielli
U16 Nottingham High Lower School Saxophone Ensemble
U19 Oasby Music Group String Trio
U19 Sevenoaks School 2 Flutes and Piano
U16 Sevenoaks School Recorder Ensemble
U16 Sevenoaks School Clarinet Quartet
U12 Sevenoaks School Piano Trio
U14 Sevenoaks School String Quartet (Stone)
U14 Sevenoaks School Brass Quintet
U14 Sevenoaks School Piano Trio (Haydn)
The Perse U19 Saxophone Quartet 1
The Perse U19 Clarinet Quartet 2
The Perse U16 Manfred Wind Quintet
The Perse U19 Senior Trumpets
The Perse U19 Senior Wind Quintet
Dulwich Prep U12 Piano Trio
Dulwich Prep U14 String Trio
Dulwich Prep U14 String Quartet (March & German Dance)
Wimbledon High School U19 String Quartet A
Wimbledon High School U16 Flute Group
Kings College, Wimbledon U14 String Quartet
Kings College, Wimbledon U19 Wind Trio
Kings College, Wimbledon U16 Trio
Kings College, Wimbledon U19 String Quartet (Borodin)
Caterham School Scholars Ensemble
Caterham School Trio 
Caterham School Drum Corp
Charterhouse School Trio
Tunbridge Girls U19 Trumpets
Sevenoaks Schools U19 Doppler
Sevenoaks School U16 Khachaturian
Sevenoaks School U19 Beethoven
SHSK Teylyn Harp Trio
SHSK Gasparo String Trio
SHSK Holton Horn Quintet
Abingdon School Haydn Quartet
Abingdon Mozart Rondo Quartet
Abingdon Dvorak Piano Quartet
The Original U19 Octet
The Original 5 U16 Quintet

The Original Bass People U19
The Original Quintet 1 U19
The Original Chamber Ensemble U19
JRAM U19 String Quartet
Sherborne U19 Brass Quintet
Blundell's U12 String Quartet "Chariots of Fire"
Millfield School U16 Telemann Violin Quartet

Congratulations to all ensembles who took part. The Qualifying Rounds have now finished.


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