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Through all of its music education activities, Pro Corda, a registered not-for-profit charity, aims to equip every young person with the necessary skills to work with other people through music, particularly chamber music, and performance no matter what their background. An important “arm” of our work serves the most deprived youngsters in UK with Pro Corda music programmes for young people with special educational needs and disabilities reaching over 800 each year, making it the largest music programme of its kind for the SEN education sector nationally. Overall, we work with over 2,000 young people (according to our latest audit) across more than 45 different courses and programmes each year. Despite our significant national remit we are a purely private organization, relying on grant funding from a range of trusts from music charities to BBC Children in Need.

Pro Corda's unique curriculum of music ensemble training draws on the universal properties of chamber music and develops the person as well as the musician and nurtures the wider benefits of this specialized type of musical training; communication, taking the lead, co-operating, negotiating, being spontaneous and being part of a small team are just a few of the skills young people will grasp in their participation at Pro Corda. These benefits can be developed immediately, have a lifelong impact and can be utilized in the young person's everyday life.

I hope you will be able to come and see for yourself the unique work of Pro Corda.

Andrew Quartermain, CEO & Artistic Director

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