Pro Corda launches MusicGurus online course for teachers to revolutionize small ensemble performance in schools

November 11, 2016

Pro Corda, the UK’s leading chamber music organisation, has teamed up with MusicGurus to create a series of four online video courses to be used as a resource to kick-start and invigorate chamber music for students of any instrumentation and ability. Pro Corda shares innovative and highly effective teaching techniques that will exhilarate and inspire both new and pre-formed ensembles.  The online video course is suitable for use by any music teacher and will galvanize their coaching to allow them to nurture, and then grow an ensemble from the very beginning stages to beyond the rehearsal room, and eventually the concert platform.

Each course represents the highest quality of online CPD for teachers. The first course on forming and growing creative small ensembles is available on MusicGurus here.

Pro Corda recognises the importance and potential of creating chamber music since it develops the skills of negotiating, leading and responsibility, which are all essential in evolving the complete person in all walks of life.

World class chamber musicians will share a “tool-kit” of ideas, ranging from improvisation, to Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Alexander Technique and more advanced and detailed chamber music awareness, which will enable the teacher to guide their ensemble to gain collective creative responsibility, thereby helping to develop the person alongside the musician.

The cost of the first course is just £100 per teacher and contains over an hour of unique and enjoyable coaching ideas alongside suggested assignments. The course should take a maximum of eight hours for a teacher to complete.  

Last updated: November 11, 2016 @ 09:14