Pro Corda's courses and music education strands are divided into 5 categories: Core, Special Educational Needs, Chamber Music Festival for Schools, Suffolk Schools and Adults. 

Core courses are divided into age groups. The standard for entry varies depending on the course applied for. Senior students would generally be expected to have reached a standard at least equivalent to Grade VIII distinction. Although it is not a requirement that applicants pass Associated Board examinations, they are expected to show musical potential and a good technical standard. Where appropriate Pro Corda may approach applicants' instrumental teachers. Core courses are held during the school, college and university holidays and therefore do not conflict with normal schooling. Students are expected to attend regularly in order that they may receive full benefit from the experience offered.

Core course syllabus

The syllabus is a carefully planned course of progressive difficulty. Students who enter at an early age will, when they have completed the training, have studied in detail examples from the works of the finest classical, romantic and modern composers. They will have built up a considerable repertoire and a wider knowledge of musical style than can be achieved in the usual educational curriculum. Evidence of this can be seen in those students who subsequently take up successful musical careers. Many reach prominent positions in orchestras and small ensembles or as soloists in Britain and abroad.

Pro Corda is not intended as a substitute for the students' normal instrumental training but as a valuable enhancement of their musical experience. Communication and collaboration with the students' instrumental teachers is encouraged


Careful thought is given to the placing of each student. Detailed records are kept of each player's progress and repertoire. Ensemble music is sent out to Junior, Intermediate and Senior students approximately three weeks in advance for practice and study before the course starts.

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