Young String Experience (Ages 7-14)


Pro Corda's open access Young String Experience Saturday School, YSE London, started in 2012 in London within an informal partnership with the Royal Academy of Music. Since then it has grown and now serves over 50 young string players each week in Marylebone, London. Following this growth, we have developed a YSE half term course running at Leiston Abbey which gives young string players a day programme during half term. We will also, in 2019, be launching another Saturday school in Suffolk.

Young String Experience (YSE) has three strands:

YSE LONDON (ages 7-14)
Pro Corda's weekly YSE London Saturday school during term time for young string players. No audition is required and YSE provides the perfect platform for Junior music college entry at year 7. YSE combines orchestral training with chamber music and creative musicianship. Fees are payable in advance for each term, and a term's notice is required if a child is leaving. Invoices are sent for the 10 week terms by the Pro Corda office.

We have added a Leadership tier to YSE London giving the older students a chance to stay on the programme as Leadership Students and giving them a range of exciting opportunities including: preparing and performing a concerto movement with the orchestra, extra creative and composition classes and extra performance opportunities at prestigious venues. All graduating "senior" YSE students are eligible to apply to stay on to the Leadership tier.

Download the YSE flyer and apply here.

YSE SUFFOLK (ages 7-14)
Launching in 2019.

Pro Corda’s YSE Half Term offers five inspiring, creative mornings of high quality music making to include choir, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, string ensemble, informal concert and creative ways to inspire you to practise. The course is open to students who have been playing for at least six months onwards.

The aim is to think “beyond the instrument and notes” by ways of improvisation, using the inner voice and having fun! 

This is a highly specialised course with renowned teachers using refined and unique teaching methods to inspire and maximise musical potential.


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